Wednesday, March 28, 2007

More election reaction

There's a good article in The Star today covering some of the reaction to the Quebec election and what it might mean for a rumoured federal election. Stephane Dion made some good points, finally getting some airtime:
Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion said yesterday he had no doubt Harper was spoiling for an election, but he warned there are perils in trying to play both provincial and federal politics.

"Quebecers are very politically sophisticated and we can tell the difference between what's at stake at the provincial level and what's at stake at the federal level," Dion said, repeatedly using "we" when he talked of Quebec, to underline the difference between himself and the Alberta MP who is prime minister.

Dion said the federal campaign in Quebec will revolve around far different issues than the ones that drove the provincial campaign – the war in Afghanistan, or support for social programs, for instance – on which Dion believes the Liberal position is far closer to majority Quebec public opinion.

Dion said he won't fight the next election campaign in Quebec apologizing for Canada and the federal government, as he believes Harper has done. "I think it is time to have a prime minister who is making the case for Canada in Quebec," he said.
Excuse me, but I find Dion to be eminently likeable. The Harper taunts of him as being weak, etc. seem so childish when you're listening to him. His press conference is here.

There are other intriguing quotes in the article from Mario Dumont - who is already serving notice he's not going to be a foot stool for the federal Conservatives.

And from a very boastful Jason Kenney on the future of separatism in Quebec and how Stephen Harper is responsible for its demise. I'm not going to bother getting into the merits of Kenney's comment but I would venture a thought that he's one of the last people Quebecers would want to hear making comments of this sort. Humility, people.