Monday, March 05, 2007

Quebec autonomy making a splash

"ADQ puts focus on Quebec's autonomy."

And guess who's Dumont's new best friend on the campaign trail?
Mario Dumont's Action démocratique du Québec party is calling for more autonomy for the individual, for the regions and for the province. And despite being called a closet separatist by Premier Jean Charest, Mr. Dumont remains convinced there can be no better place for Quebec to achieve its autonomy than under Prime Minister Stephen Harper's vision of Canada.

"We have said many times that we are autonomous. Mr. Charest said that it doesn't exist or that it shouldn't exist. That will be up to the people to decide. But more autonomy for Quebec within Canada, that is well appreciated," Mr. Dumont said yesterday.

"As far as I am concerned even the Prime Minister of Canada seems to understand what we mean. He has used the word autonomy in many of his speeches in Quebec, which is appreciated by the people of Quebec. In Western Canada also, people want to hear about more provincial autonomy."
Dumont is running a clever campaign. It's going to become a major problem for Canadians, however, as we're going to see how Stephen Harper and his crew wish to decentralize the federation to accommodate the me-first provincial leaders. They've been deliberately vague on their "open federalism" and what it will practically mean.

And again, wasn't the "Quebec is a nation within Canada" supposed to alleviate the drive for autonomy from Quebecers?