Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rove decries people "playing politics" with the U.S. attorney firings

Excuse me while I fall off my chair laughing...:) Video here.

He repeats the falsehood that he, Bush and Gone-zalez did exactly what the Clinton administration did in removing the U.S. attorneys. If he repeats it enough, however, there are many who just noddingly agree. You hear the applause from the audience. This is Rove's lasting contribution to American politics in action...the facts are always subject to an ongoing partisan argument, there's never an objective truth possible.

And again, we hear the mantra that they serve "at the pleasure of the President." Show me an instance, Karl, where a U.S. attorney was removed by Clinton for political reasons...the way Iglesias was for not moving quickly on Democratic indictments (the surrounding facts support this); the way Cummins was in Arkansas so your deputy could be installed (cited in emails as important to you, a White House political operative). Where the principal political operative in the White House is involved in U.S. attorney firings. The input and influence of partisans upon the Justice Department is what distinguishes the firings of these U.S. attorneys from previous administrations.

Yeah, Karl definitely needs to be put under oath about his discussions with Kyle Sampson, Alberto Gone-zalez, Harriet Miers and political people around the U.S. on the outgoing and remaining U.S. attorneys.