Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Subversion of justice watch: Wednesday p.m.

Attention being drawn today to the very slow moving investigation undertaken by the U.S. Justice Department into the Republican phone-jamming hijinks that occurred during the 2002 mid-term congressional elections in New Hampshire. The central allegations there are that the pace of the investigation was drawn out by someone or somebodys beyond the 2004 election for political benefit to the Republicans.

And there's a really strange aspect to the firing of U.S. attorney Carol Lam of southern California that's come to light. It involves money possibly flowing through Cheney's office that might have ended up being used to buy convicted Republican California congressman Duke Cunningham a boat. Lam was possibly looking into this.

The White House would like to keep the focus on an issue of mishandled executive appointments, i.e., U.S. attorneys "who serve at the pleasure of the President." Their bigger problems are allegations like the ones referenced above and the consequent growing perception that Republican partisans were obstructing justice.