Thursday, March 08, 2007

Turley on the Patriot Act U.S. attorney provisions

"Law prof: Patriot Act provision possibly tied to attorney firings didn't 'come out of head of Zeus' ":
According to Turley, the provision in the Patriot Act that allowed such firings was no accident. "When you see an administration trying to try to put into legislation something this specific, this tailored, it does not come out of nowhere," said Turley.

"It did not come out of the head of Zeus," Turley said. "It came out of the head of someone at the White House who wanted to use it. I think there are serious questions there and this is a scandal that is getting worse by the day."

"They‘re not supposed to be constantly looking over their shoulder to see if Karl Rove is coming on them with a wood chipper," Turley said of US attorneys, who "are supposed to retain an element of independence."

Turley added, "I have to say that one of the more troubling legacies of the Bush administration has been the politicization of the Department of Justice." (emphasis added)
Yes...more focus should be on this exact issue. Who initiated these provisions, how and why? Since Arlen Specter declaims responsibility yet his staff were involved in inserting these provisions...was this the locus of coordination that occurred with White House types for the specific purpose of getting partisan hacks appointed as U.S. attorneys? Read this Slate article for more on the possible coordination between Specter's chief legislative counsel, O'Neill (a former Clarence Thomas clerk), and the Justice Department with hints of Rove's involvement.