Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why should we care?

About the implosion of Alberto Gonzales and the incredible scandal brewing over the Bush administration's efforts to politicize the Justice Department? Because it has significant echoes here as well in the recent controversy over judicial appointments. You see, Mini Bush has begun to walk down the same path as his idols to the south with his efforts to stack the federal judicial appointment committees with his own partisans:
"Because the majority of voting members are now appointed by the [Justice] Minister, the advisory committees may neither be, nor seen to be, fully independent of the government. This puts in peril the concept of an independent body that advises the government on who is best qualified to be a judge," the council, headed by Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin, said in a statement.

"Judicial independence is not the private right of judges but the foundation of judicial impartiality and a constitutional right of all Canadians."
Do you think we should be moving toward a more partisan judicial system as well? I believe most Canadians would unequivocally say no.

Just a friendly reminder of the route recently chosen by our very own Mini Bush...:)