Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Yawn, Mini Bush rules with an iron fist

More confirmation today. Conservative infighting, though, that's a pleasant twist on what we've seen lately. Try to push around those Maritimers and guess what? They'll push back. That Tim Hortons crowd down there in Moncton is no pushover, Doug Finley. They remember, most likely, Harper's denigration of them in the past (Maritimers not being motivated to get off unemployment, you know the one). And apparently they write letters to the Globe and Mail disclosing Conservative campaign thoughts.
Several Conservatives who were at a recent meeting in the Moncton-Riverview-Dieppe riding attended by Mr. Finley -- and who refused to have their names published -- say he told them they must select a candidate for the next election by March 23, or he would appoint one himself.

Some say Mr. Finley indicated that party policy was being developed to appeal to the "Canadian Tire crowd" and earn the support of targeted groups needed to win a majority government.
March 23? Assuming a budget defeat? Or is this a big fakeout? Who wrote this "anonymous letter" to the Globe, anyway?
Some local party members also say Mr. Finley said that the election date would be determined by himself and Mr. Harper -- and perhaps chief of staff Ian Brodie. Others say he indicated that he would work collaboratively with the party's national council.
Hmmm...Mini Bush and his chief crony pick the date... or his campaign chairman will work co-operatively with riding decide...:)

As a side note, I'm wondering what constitutes the Canadian Tire crowd, really. I noticed a new one recently at Bay and Dundas in Toronto. Do downtown Torontonian apartment dwellers who shop there constitute Harper's crowd?

Do I? I've got a stash of Cdn Tire money in my kitchen drawer...:)