Monday, April 23, 2007

Apparently the sky is falling

Jane Taber's article in the Globe today doing a pretty good hatchet job on Dion is bound to be a topic of discussion today. As far as I can tell, the big news here is that he's a new leader putting together a new Opposition Leader's Office and guess what? Lo and behold, there are glitches. We should be shocked, apparently, that it's not all running like clockwork from day one.

So we read about a new team and lines of authority being blurred. Disgruntled MP's who backed other candidates still fueling dissension. Plus throw in feuding Chretienites and Martinites and their goddamn hangover and it's a recipe for a frustrating, kitchen sink of an article with tons of bitching about administrative crap like the travel staffers. Guess the pendulum is quickly swinging back to Dion, again, from the brief scrutiny of Harper's leadership, in at least two other media sources this weekend.

Whoever this "Dion strategist" is, I'd say he or she is a little whacked for making a statement like this:
Mr. Dion's main supporters attribute the grumbles and complaints to growing pains.

They say the deal with the Greens is part of the winning strategy to beat Stephen Harper and his Conservatives.

“Environment is the only issue,” said one of the leader's key strategists, who asked not to be identified.

“It is exploding in the public's imagination. We need people to know St├ęphane understands the issue … [now] the Green Party Leader says he should be prime minister. We are getting our shit together…part of it is Elizabeth May.”
The only issue? Um, if this is your strategy, please don't lay it out there like this...can they be this stupid? Why would you telegraph like this? Everyone knows Dion is passionate about the environment. But why pigeonhole him into this narrow slot by saying it's the only issue? Can they be this daft? Perhaps this is just a major deke, instead. Here's hoping, but I fear it's not. There's also an element of condescension towards Elizabeth May in this comment which I don't like. Portraying her as a means to an end. It just seems callous.

For the love of God, people...please speed up the "getting our shit together" part and do your freaking jobs...:)