Saturday, April 28, 2007

Conservative circular firing squad appears

O'Connor not going quietly: "O'Connor left hung out to dry on detainee file, official says." Please, tell us more, O'Connor ally. We'd love to hear it all, really. More dish on the PMO, please. Make it interesting.

What we do get from O'Connor's "defence" source:
A senior defence official, seeking to present Mr. O'Connor's views as he fights for his political life, said the Defence Minister feels he has been shouldering the blame for Canada's policies toward Afghan detainees for more than a year.

It was only after Mr. O'Connor ran into trouble in the House of Commons this week amid new reports of prisoner torture, that other cabinet ministers were brought in to defend the government.

“He didn't have any support for a year,” the official said. “This week, [other ministers] started to stand up because the Prime Minister gave the green light. He had been alone for a year. ...The minister is a team player. If his job is to take flak for everybody, he will take it.”
Sure sounds lonely up there in the Conservative cabinet, doesn't it? Bonus shot at Junior MacKay:
National Defence feels it has been carrying a disproportionate share of the load in Afghanistan — and the public-relations war. It believes other departments and agencies should be responsible for issues such as detainee policy, including the Department of Foreign Affairs and the Canadian International Development Agency.

“The bureaucrats at Foreign Affairs resisted getting stuck with this issue this week,” the defence source said. “They don't want this hornet's nest. They are happy going to their cocktail parties and eating little shrimps.”

In particular, there have been complaints that Canada's foreign aid is slow to arrive in the dangerous southern province where the Canadian Forces are active.

“When CIDA discovers the road to Kandahar, they will be able to send in their funds,” the defence source said.
Hmmm...National Defence fighting with Foreign Affairs and CIDA. Quite a little challenge developing for Harper. And from inside his own caucus we have a dissenter:
Inside the Conservative caucus, some are starting to have qualms, too.

One MP, who spoke on condition of anonymity, expressed concern that Canadian troops are fighting a war that cannot be won.
You, my insightful friend, have just incurred the significant wrath of one Sandra Buckler and the iron fisted Mini Bush.

I love the sounds of Conservative infighting in the morning...:)