Sunday, April 22, 2007

Focus on Harper's leadership - for a change

"Harper's leadership of Tory party could hinge on majority."

Mini Bush's future as leader of his party being raised as an issue. What with all the finger pointing at Stephane Dion, one is certainly not surprised to see this inquiry on whether those who live in glass houses should be throwing all those stones! So what's Mini Bush's likely problem?
"If he (Harper) takes the party to minority twice, there are going to be questions raised (about his leadership)," says John Wright, senior vice-president of the Ipsos Reid polling firm. Wright adds that a minority government is a very real possibility given that most Canadians don't really know Harper and, worse yet, don't completely trust him.

Wright says if the Conservatives win a status quo minority, "you got to think the party itself would be looking and thinking about getting another leader."
The Ipsos Reid guy helpfully elaborates:
But it's not a done deal for Harper by any means. Wright of Ipsos Reid says his company's polling results from the past three months still show that two-thirds of Canadians don't know the Prime Minister any better now than when he was elected, while 45 per cent still believe he has a "hidden agenda."

"They say he is a great leader, they actually say that. He's got all the smarts, he's shrewd, but then there is almost half the population that says there's this thing where I don't trust (him) ... hidden agenda, something that he has not been able to shake," Wright says.
Nope. Like Popeye, he is what he is. And too many muckrakers like myself who won't let it go. That's a promise.

And alas, those next in line are not of the impressive variety. Jim Flaherty? Give me a break. Jason Kenney? Are you kidding me? The boy partisan won't get a vote outside Alberta. And there's this cryptic comment on John Baird:
Environment Minister John Baird, 37, is also a much-relied-on minister in the Harper fold, but it's unclear if he would want to be put under the spotlight of a leadership bid.
Not quite sure what this is getting at. I'm clearly not in the know on this, although I have my suspicions. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

All in all, portents of trouble for Mini Bush being bandied enjoyable read on a Sunday...:)