Friday, April 27, 2007

Harper again reaping what his petty partisanship sows

"N.L. premier Williams refers to PM as 'Steve'." This guy is going to be Harper's worst nightmare in the next election, whenever that may be. So keep poking your stick in the hornet's nest, Mini Bush, and here's what you can expect:
Premier Danny Williams is now referring to the prime minister simply as "Steve.''

When asked about his use of the familiar moniker, Williams said he was only treating Stephen Harper with the "same disdain'' the prime minister is showing Newfoundlanders.

The premier's remarks come a day after Harper took a sarcastic shot at Williams, saying the province's surplus-laden budget -- tabled Thursday -- shows Newfoundland is enduring "awful rough treatment'' from Ottawa.

During a 20-minute news conference today, the outspoken premier called Harper "Steve'' eight times.

Williams says Harper broke a promise to the province last month when he introduced a new equalization formula that penalizes Newfoundland's offshore energy revenues.

In an awkward moment last year, U.S. President George W. Bush called Harper `Steve' when the two leaders met in Washington. (emphasis added)
Good for Williams. The heartless Mini Bush took a gratuitous shot at the premier and province. Demonstrating once again that he just doesn't get that a Prime Minister should be above such cheap shots. And that he doesn't get the sensitivities of Newfoundlanders about their province's historical financial position. How 'bout that, Steve?

What is that saying that Mini Bush apparently never learned? If you can't say anything nice...:)