Thursday, April 26, 2007

Harper was a shameless partisan disaster today

In Question Period, in the face of continued questions about the treatment of prisoners in Afghanistan, Harper continues to instead choose partisanship over substance to respond to the issue. He continues to fail to recognize the significance of Canada fully adhering to the Geneva Conventions and to be seen to be doing so to the world.

Instead, Harper's instincts are to mock Dion and Layton and use the troops as a shield for his accountability. The opposition should apologize to the troops? Are you kidding me? This is not about the troops. This is about Harper and O'Connor. The only parties that owe an apology to the troops are Harper and O'Connor. They've let this situation develop in Afghanistan where the Canadian Forces are put in the middle of a chaotic no-win situation. They've ramped up the combat mission yet left our Forces in the position of having no safeguards to ensure the Geneva Conventions will be followed. That's inexcusable and it's a lack of civilian experience and proper oversight of the military operation that is the problem.

Harper and O'Connor are not in control of the Afghanistan situation at all. Even Bob Fife is apologizing for the government's confusing position. There is no clarity here, it's a mess. We've always had access says Stockwell Day? O'Connor on Wednesday night says we've reached an agreement for access? Harper today says there is no formal agreement? Which is it?