Monday, April 16, 2007

Harper's appointment of OSC's Brown to RCMP inquiry

Shows he is capable of appointing independent, qualified individuals to assess possible wrongdoing.

The appointment of Daniel Paille, however, with his deep roots in the separatist camp to lead an investigation into the Liberals' use of polls during the 1990's demonstrates an inconsistent approach to governing by Harper. He's capable of making a great appointment on the one hand yet on the other, an out and out partisan is selected. It underscores why you can't trust him.

People understand when you mess with the impartial administration of justice. Harper seems to be determined to destroy the Liberal federalist option in Quebec and he's willing to milk the circumstances surrounding the 1995 referendum to do it.

I think a PM has greater duties to the country than this. We should be able to see our PM acting in the best interests of the country on all fronts. Clearly, this is too much to ask of Harper.