Sunday, April 29, 2007

Here's Al - and here's the ilk we have

To which John Baird retorts his usual blather. Al Gore never did anything on climate change when he was Vice President...and the Liberals did nothing in 13 years of which I say, just give it a rest, man. Really, when are you Conservatives going to stop whining about the former government and pointing fingers? At what point, after more than a year now, do you not get that it's just grating on voters to constantly be exposed to your putrid yammering about the Liberals. You're constantly giving the message that you can't stand on your own two feet with your own ideas. You're always blaming. You're eternally backward looking.

The environmental issue has not become ripe until now. Now. It is only now that citizens are demanding action. It wasn't possible in 1992 in the U.S. when Clinton and Gore were elected. It wasn't possible here until the fiscal disaster that you Conservatives left in place was cleaned up. It's only now that the economy of this country can withstand a challenge of this magnitude. And it's only now, more significantly, that the public is willing and motivated because of people like Al Gore.

The dominance of John Baird's face this week has gotten me to think a little more about the people leading our government. Who are these people? The faces you see the most from this Conservative government are all what I like to call partisan wonder boys. People who have really done nothing else with their lives other than live and breathe Conservative politics. No life-long established careers in other fields for this crowd. Immediately to the trenches for these boys! Led by the uber-partisan Mini Bush and rounded out by the most visible set: Junior MacKay, Jason Kenney, Peter VanLoan and John Baird. You could probably include Tony Clement too but he seems to have the sense, for the most part, to keep his head down and away from a fatal association with these clowns (although, watch out Tony, they might yet stick you in Defence).

And behind the scenes in the PMO? The same breed of partisans - the Sandra Bucklers, the Ian Brodies. You can just imagine their Karl Rove and Frank Luntz posters pinned up in their cubicles as they plot their daily media strategies and talking points. Get on Duffy Live, he'll ask you the Larry King question, "What do you make of that?" Give out this tidbit to Bob Fife, that'll be a solid "exclusive" at the lead of the national news. Here you go boys, here's the "Taliban loving Liberals" talking point of the day for Question Period.

That's what we're seeing. Cut-throat, urgent partisanship at all costs. What else can you say when you see John Baird, jack-of-all-trades-master-of-none, slagging someone of the calibre of Al Gore? John Baird the hack for hire, parachuted into the Environment Ministry to save a drowning colleague because the Conservatives have absolutely no one qualified to be an Environment Minister in the lot...he's lecturing Al Gore about the environment. I hope Al takes him up on his offer to meet. And does it in public.

Just laughable how low we've sunk.

Al, we're truly embarrassed.