Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Hey, Maureen Dowd's back

Yay! Welcome back, Mo! I must say, I love her writing. I miss her commentary when she's away and there aren't too many people I read on a regular basis that I can say that about. One of the principal reasons for my Times Select subscription.

So she's getting back into the swing of things today, writing about those in trouble in the presidential sweepstakes in the early goings. Namely, how the Daddy party - the Republicans, can't find a good one among the lot: "Daddies in a Panic, and Mommy, Too."

Her take on the Republicans:
As Natalie Angier, The Times’s biology expert, noted, research has shown that women differed from men “in the importance they accorded a man’s physical appearance, with many expressing a comparatively greater likelihood of being aroused by evidence of talent or intelligence — say, while watching a man deliver a great speech.”

This could explain why many Republican women are so frustrated. They have been deprived of the bristly excitement of hearing their men on the stump delivering great speeches for quite some time now.

The Daddy Party, sick with desire for a daddy, is like a lost child. John McCain, handcuffed to the Surge, announced yesterday he has the support of Henry Kissinger. Why not just drink poison? As the Boston Globe columnist Joan Vennochi slyly said, “Leave it to Mitt Romney to shoot himself in the foot with a gun he doesn’t own.”

Rudy Giuliani, already haunted by the specters of Bernard Kerik’s corruption and Judy Nathan’s conjugal confusion, yesterday made things worse. He did the same thing John McCain did in South Carolina in 2000, a sickening pander the Arizona senator told “60 Minutes” Sunday that he did “for all the wrong reasons.” As Marc Santora reports from Montgomery, Rudy said he would leave the decision about whether to fly the Confederate flag over the Alabama State Capitol to the people of Alabama. (emphasis added)
That poison line just kills me...:)

And there's an equal opportunity dig at the Democratic leader, Hillary, as Dowd likes to inflict from time to time. Mocking the "Mommy" camp, i.e., Hillary's team, for being in a similar state of panic to the Republicans over their embarrassment at Barack Obama's "money" showing:
Except for Larry Birkhead, all the “Who’s your daddy?” brio this week belongs to Senator Barack Obama, who told David Letterman he would not be Hillary’s second on a ticket, and who remarkably managed to beat her on primary fund-raising with a more democratic and recyclable pool of donors.

That feat of strength led to the hilarious spectacle of Terry McAuliffe, who had been using the Bush-Cheney line of you’re-with-us-or-agin’-us to try to bully Democratic fat cats into giving solely to Hillary, telling ABC’s Jake Tapper: “Ultimately, forget the money. You’ve got to get the votes. And right now, Hillary wins in that category.”

Like the panic in the Daddy Party, the crazed sputtering in the once-dominant Mommy Camp is something to behold.

Hillary has been wielding Bill as a bludgeon on support and money. If you were ever behind him, you’d better fall into line behind her. But doesn’t that undermine her presentation of herself as a self-reliant feminist aiming to be the first Madame President? If you can only win by leaning so heavily on your man for your muscle, isn’t that a benign form of paternalism?
Maybe. And ideally, yes, she wins on her own merit. But we don't live in an ideal world. And methinks you don't keep Secretariat in the stable, if you know what I mean. Ask Al Gore how that worked for him.