Friday, April 13, 2007

How afraid people are of Dion and May

Where's the courage in this country? To break free from the story lines being written by the media and stagnant group think?

I'd say we saw courage from Dion and May today. Rarely seen from any politicians in Canada these days. Certainly not in the form of Monte Solberg and the lackadaisical pundits taking pot shots from the bleachers. Quel over-reaction, n'est ce pas? "Oh, I don't like it, it's not right, it's never been this way, Dion is weak, I'm disappointed in Elizabeth May....", as Politique Vert said today, cry me a freakin' river. It's all posturing to satisfy each critics' own self-interest. The Conservatives perpetuating the weak Dion myth. The NDP objecting for their political life. The media grasping to the only story line they've been given thus far, how can you guys be a national party?

In other words, more of the same from the echo chamber. That's exactly what these two were roaring against today. We'll see if Canadians agree or not. But they've taken a chance and as they say, no risk, no reward.

Why are people so afraid? Ask yourself that question. Why did Harper go so hard at Dion? You get a glimpse of why today. The emphasis is on the policy, doing the right thing for the future, hope, authenticity. Must be snuffed out at all costs, says Mini Bush, and countless others.

Read Dion and May's respective statements today, at Saskboy's site, if you're going to judge.

On this "national party" argument... does anyone seriously believe that because a Liberal will not run in the Central Nova riding in Nova Scotia that this will detract from their claim to be a national party? Come on...this seems to be a one riding deal in a special circumstance. They're trying to defeat a Conservative leader in waiting and they're making a play on the environment. Both of those considerations seem to make a great deal of sense. Antiquated pride in one's party, all for the sake of one seat being unchallenged, seems selfish and petty.

It may be that the public whining from the peanut gallery emanates from those Liberals who are sensing that increasingly, down the road, the parties of the center and left will be goaded into making such strategic alliances to a greater extent in order to prevent the Conservatives from taking advantage of the disarray. Some Liberals, it appears, are not okay with going down that road and are drawing their line in the sand. Fine. Keep your knives out and you'll fulfill your self-destructive prophecy. And the rest of us will have to withstand your infighting and see how it all plays out, but the cluster of parties in the center left is a reality that needs to be dealt with.

As Dion repeatedly stated today, it's a gesture. They aren't jumping on each other's party positions like Bercuson suggested on the National's panel last night and as Solberg echoed today. It's not about the Green Party's free trade position. Get real.

All in all, a most insightful day.