Thursday, April 26, 2007

Mini Bush reaping what he's sown

It is striking how the atmosphere in Ottawa has made a decisive turn for the worse, particularly over the past week. Can't say that I'm surprised though. The Liberals in particular have been primed to take on Harper after he has taunted and attacked Stephane Dion for months in a consistently gloating posture. I mean, give them an opening and there'll be no mercy after the treatment Harper has dished out. He's been terribly short-sighted in so callously disrespecting his political opponents.

Temperament, temperament...what is it we see of political leaders? It's their Achilles heel that will be their eventual undoing. Clinton's, um, gregariousness. Bush's stupidity. Martin's lack of focus.

For Harper, I still can't put my finger on the exact quality, but I think it's fair to say it comes from a deep, dark place within him...:) It could be the need to control. It could be an over-thinking of the strategy. Being too clever by half. The bizarre emotional detachment. The mean streak. Not quite sure yet.

But here's an interesting piece we see today supporting the "control freak" theory. The Harper crowd's propensity to control information seems to be making them trip over themselves:
The common theme, it's being said, is a tendency to dishonest coverup by the Conservative government.

In the Afghanistan case, it's the question of whether the government wilfully tried to conceal information about potential mistreatment of detainees captured by Canadian forces and turned over to Afghan security forces. A report released to the Globe and Mail showed that all references to detainee mistreatment and torture had been blacked out in the version sent to the newspaper. But the Globe also had the full report and was able to fill in the blanks.

This has opposition leaders and critics actually accusing ministers of lying – not once, but repeatedly. Even by the standards of this raucous minority Parliament, that's rare.

Environment Minister John Baird is also being accused of changing his story – not once, but several times – in the aftermath of the embarrassing transmission of his green plans to the opposition lobby of the Commons on Tuesday night. (emphasis added)
All IMHO, of course...:)