Monday, April 09, 2007

Mini Bush still linking WWI with Afghanistan today

And inappropriately doing so, for reasons I offered yesterday. Here's today's effort by the PM:
In Lille, France, Prime Minister Stephen Harper put out a statement, saying: "The incident that claimed the lives of six Canadian soldiers and injured a number of others took place while Canadian troops were supporting an effort by allied forces to create a safer environment for the reconstruction of this region of Afghanistan.

"Our hearts ache for them and their families and our thoughts and prayers are with them. These events coming on the 90th commemoration of the battle of Vimy Ridge once more remind us of the sacrifices that our men and women in uniform have made and continue to make to defend our country and their fellow human beings." (emphasis added)
And Here's Michael Ignatieff, who knows there is a difference:
Deputy Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff urged caution in linking the two.

"I think it's right to take pride in our military traditions but we ought to be very, very careful about using them to justify current conflicts. Let's keep them separate," he said.
Yes, let's. We are dealing with terrorist thugs in Afghanistan - and elsewhere - not a threat to our civilization. If the two conflicts are comparable, then put more troops in and get NATO to back it up. But that won't happen because we don't have any more troops, other NATO nations have said no, they don't support the effort. It's clearly not on the same scale as judged by nations around the world. So stop linking the two.

I'm not surprised to hear such opportunistic commingling from Mini Bush, at's exactly what Bush does to justify the Iraq war.