Thursday, April 19, 2007

Mini Bush wants an American system of government

You know, sometimes I think to myself, calling Harper "Mini Bush" may be a little silly. Yet he continues to plow in that direction, so what else can a sarcastic blogger do but continue to use the buzzword? So really, it's his fault...:)

Today's news brings more indication of the Harper gang's preoccupation with all things American and the latest example of how they solve problems...when in doubt, look to the south. That's where we find the original EEE Senate.

Tinkering with the Senate is red meat chum for the Mini Bush base. My view, it's entirely inappropriate for the Harper crew to be mucking around in the constitutional fields if they're not prepared to seriously address the issue. Constitutional change should be driven by crisis and necessity, a wise writer recently wrote in a NY Times op-ed on the issue of House of Lords reform in the UK. I heartily agree.

We have much better things to be doing with our time than fulfilling Mini Bush's dream of an Americanized Senate in our own country. Or fulfilling his dream of partisan judicial appointments, also roundly criticized yesterday by two of the top legal minds in the country.