Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Mini Bush's top secret environmental plan

Marked "secret": "Draft "plan leaked through John Baird's sieve.

No details, just vague trial balloons on how Mini Bush will "stabilize" our greenhouse emissions through the magic of scientific processes like "carbon sequestration." I can just see the eyes glazing over across the nation. The bet from this corner is that Mini Bush is likely going to gamble with our environmental future by saying juuuuust enough to be politically palatable.

But not now, of course. Apparently it's too much for the Conservatives to come forward with a detailed plan. They have to carefully manage the politics of it. Very important issue for Canadians, don't you know, no longer the stuff of socialist schemes, don't you know.

We await John Baird and Stephen Harper's vaunted plan with baited breath. Our environmental custodians certainly wouldn't let us down, would they?