Sunday, April 22, 2007

"My mother doesn't like him"

With friends like these...this is an understatement: "Harper Tories can't break into majority territory."
"My mother doesn't like him," one Conservative insider who didn't want to be named said of Harper. "I don't know, she just doesn't like him. It's something he emanates."
Yeah, it's something all right.
Powers says Harper is in reality closer to a "Tim Hortons dad" - albeit a Tim Hortons dad who employs a publicly funded personal image stylist and still struggles to check a notorious mean streak.

A recent case in point was when Harper sabotaged his own spate of generally positive headlines after last month's budget. He was widely criticized, even by right-leaning observers, for suggesting in question period that Liberal MPs care more for Taliban suspects detained in Afghanistan than for Canadian troops.
He can't check that mean streak, that's for sure.

The Conservatives apparently think another year of milling about with Mini Bush at the helm is going to solve his likability problems. If they're not having the election now, which, by all accounts they're not....they're facing a lengthy period of time in which Dion has opportunity to grow and re-build the "resilient Liberal brand," as noted here. The more people see Dion and get comfortable with him, the more of a problem it's going to be for Harper.

Nice to see the continued scrutiny of Harper, to counter-balance the months of negative coverage of Dion.