Thursday, April 26, 2007

"Offside with mainstream Canada"

Conservatives' fave pollster with some bad news:
“You can see how there's a cultural resistance to the Conservatives' position in the province of Quebec, and also fairly broadly across the country,” said Allan Gregg, head of The Strategic Counsel, which conducted the poll for The Globe and Mail/CTV News.

“They tend to get good solid marks on management issues and economic questions, but when you get into the social or ideological issues, they find themselves offside with mainstream Canada.”
That's a shame...:)

A strong majority favours adhering to Kyoto targets (sorry, John Baird, magical mystery pol - you were way off, dude!). And a strong majority says the Afghanistan conflict is not worth the price of Canadian lives. Sadly, Mini Bush is on the wrong side of both of those major issues.

An election at this time would be a real shocker.