Friday, April 20, 2007

The psychic talks to angels

Harper's friend is a p.r. nightmare:
It appears taxpayers may be getting a "heavenly" deal when it comes to Prime Minister Stephen Harper's image adviser.

Friends of Michelle Muntean, who maintains Harper's image when he travels, say she claims to commune with angels.

They say the angels relay messages from the dead, and the former TV makeup artist occasionally stuns people with the details.

Harper's office says neither he nor any of the members of his entourage pay for news from the other side.

Rather, Muntean gets a government salary to maintain Harper's wardrobe and image when he's on the road.
Tell people what her salary is and get it over with. Why are they dragging this on? If the taxpayers are paying for it, disclose. End of story. Then it would go away.

This psychic/angel angle makes Harper seem flaky. The optics in keeping her around at this point are terrible...