Monday, April 16, 2007

A strong federal leader on the scene

Good: "Dion spurns constitutional talks." Dion is not afraid to strongly articulate the federalist position at the national level and in Quebec. Someone else is...and I'm looking at you, Mini Bush.

Harper's strategy in Quebec seems to be he'll do whatever it takes to gain seats, including sending vague signals that he'll weaken the federal spending power in favour of the provinces. Dangling carrots in front of "autonomists," whatever that may mean, is not, I suspect, a recipe that the rest of Canada or even Quebecers are interested in right now. The election in Quebec demonstrated that the nationalist issue is in a state of dormancy right now. Why would you risk stirring it up with another gambit on the Constitution?

Dion is right to call him out on it and demand that Harper tell the nation what he's up to. Dion needs to do more of this. Fight Harper on his own terms. Set an agenda instead of constantly responding to Harper's. This issue plays to Dion's strength.

If Brian Mulroney is whispering in your ear about rolling any dice right about now, please, Mini Bush, tell him to go jump in the lake, for all our sakes.