Friday, April 27, 2007

Terrible optics for Harper

When our Prime Minister is saying the same thing as the General in charge of the National Directorate for Security in Kandahar, it's not good: 'Powerful people are angry.' Here's Harper Thursday:
Prime Minister Stephen Harper says there is “no evidence” of access to detainees being blocked in Afghan prisons and he accused opposition parties of being anti-military.

In another fiery day in Question Period, Mr. Harper said high-profile concerns over detainee treatment were “baseless accusations,” despite the existence of a 2006 Consulate report warning just such abuse could be going on.
And here's General Quyaum:
The NDS chief also emphasized that all accusations of torture within his prison are false.

“Those prisoners were telling lies to you,” General Quyaum said. “There is no proof.”
That's a sad state of affairs.

A bit of a bright spot from that latter report, in spite of our government's incompetence....the noise Canadians are making here at home is resonating in Afghanistan and people are rooting for the new found Canadian pressure to succeed in gaining access, inspections, and accountability for prisoners.