Thursday, April 26, 2007

The terrorists win if we fire O'Connor

So says an anonymous Republican Conservative spinner on behalf of Mini Bush: "PM stands by O'Connor -- but for the wrong reasons."
Conservative sources told The Globe and Mail yesterday that despite pervasive recognition of Mr. O'Connor's failings, Mr. Harper has no plan to let the Minister go because it could be interpreted as a lack of commitment.

"If it's interpreted as us wavering, or any weakening of resolve that somehow we're on the wrong course, those questions would get asked," a source told The Globe and Mail.

"The Taliban would see it as a positive thing."
Sounds suspiciously close to Bush's rationale for keeping Rumsfeld, doesn't it?

The parallels just keep on coming...:)

Meanwhile, the burned out O'Connor announced an agreement that will enable monitoring of detainees in Kandahar:
"Military officials have made contact with the National Directorate of Security regional director, General Quyaum, for security in Kandahar," Mr. O'Connor said. "He agreed to provide full access to detention facilities. Canadian government officials will establish continuous liaison with the prison authorities for the purpose of verifying the state of detainees."

Under the Geneva Conventions, Canada must ensure that prisoners it transfers to other authorities are not abused, and this agreement for the first time puts Canadian officials in charge of monitoring detainee treatment instead of leaving it to outside organizations.
Well, it's about time, boys. Better make sure it's not full of holes though. The Globe report suggests ways the Afghans will be able to side-step this arrangement by transferring prisoners to other locations or to other Afghan institutions such as police or army. A makeshift solution carved out on the fly would not be a proper resolution to alleged abuses of rights under the Geneva Conventions, now would it?