Friday, April 20, 2007

This is comic

Bob Fife has the goods on a story that should not have lasted longer than one day. Harper's stylist is a - get this - psychic. Sandra Buckler weighs in on this as only she can:
But Harper's communications director Sandra Buckler said Muntean does not discuss psychic matters with either the prime minister or his wife.

"She doesn't," said Buckler.

"I don't care what she is. She is very helpful. She carries the bags, she opens the door. She is very nice."
Don't know about you, but I think the PM's communications director certainly has a unique way of communicating. She seems irritated at having to do so. "No questions please, we're Conservatives!" And could she be any more condescending in her characterization of this person?

Please, let's bring on the psychic jokes today.

And accountability is apparently a word that applies to Liberals only: "NDP submits formal request for answers on Harper's stylist." Excerpts:
The government has acknowledged only that the former CBC makeup artist is paid with taxpayer money.

A government official justified the refusal to provide more details by saying accountability is meant to prevent people from stealing, and was not intended to apply to staffing issues.

New Democrat MP Judy Wasylycia-Leis tabled a question on the parliamentary order paper that requires the government to respond in writing within 45 days. If the government does not respond, the issue will automatically go to a parliamentary committee for study.
The Impolitical blog is hoping for a parliamentary committee hearing on this one...:)