Saturday, April 07, 2007

The US attorney scandal still growing

Helpful diary on kos Friday, "US Attorneys: Wisconsin case shows more evidence of politicizing the DoJ," demonstrating the breadth of the efforts by Bush and his political henchmen to use the justice system to the Republicans' advantage. The diary largely focuses on a conviction in Wisconsin quickly thrown out by an appeals court for the flimsy evidence upon which the Bush U.S. attorney had brought the case, just prior to the 2006 elections. There are other instances mentioned here, such as the focus on the mass resignations in the Minnesota attorneys office last night following the installation of a new Bushie as U.S. attorney and her particular quirks - quoting bible verses in the office, her penchant for dressing down her colleagues and lack of managerial experience.

The legion of instances where partisanship has been prioritized in the U.S. attorney offices over the proper, independent administration of justice certainly bring to mind the old saying, where there's smoke...there's usually fire.