Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Welcome back, Jean

Making a few appearances, delivering a few zingers in the process to put the partisan yappers to rest:
Meanwhile, former prime minister Jean Chrétien, who brought Dion into politics, yesterday defended his protégé, saying it was not unusual for Liberals to seek alliances with other parties. Chrétien, on CBC Newsworld's Politics show, pointed out that he had wooed former NDP premiers such as Saskatchewan's Roy Romanow and B.C.'s Ujjal Dosanjh to join the Liberals. (Romanow resisted; Dosanjh became a minister.)

Chrétien also noted that Tories didn't put a candidate up against him when he ran in a by-election in New Brunswick in 1990 to get a seat in the Commons. "It was not a big deal," he said.
Chretien's digs make the current crop of pols look like rank amateurs. And he does it with humour, too, mocking the Conservatives for their failure to observe the 25th anniversary of the Charter's adoption:
"[Former Progressive Conservative prime minister John] Diefenbaker was such a proponent of the Charter of Rights," Chrétien said. "I hope they will not put the flag at half-mast [Tuesday] because it will be the anniversary."
Thanks for the reminder of how it's done...:)

And while on the topic of the Charter, a big shout out to another Jean, the Governor General today for her comments on the occasion of the Charter's 25th anniversary. Well said.