Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Your weekly White House scandal courtesy of you know who

Let's see...of late we've had the U.S. attorney firings scandal. Last week we saw the General Services Administration under investigation for allowing government resources to be deployed to help Republicans get elected. And this week, we see this off-shoot of the U.S. attorney purge: "White House unofficial e-mail accounts draw scrutiny."

This latest White House transgression involves allegations that the Bush White House has been avoiding the Presidential Records Act by using outside e-mail domains for, shall we say, controversial communications. The e-mail domains appear to be hosted by the Republican National Committee.

Now of course, they're pleading defence number 1. The Clinton people did it. But a former Clinton White House chief of staff says, no, I don't think so. Podesta commented, for the article:
"It doesn't appear that they were doing what we did, which was to segregate political activity from official activity," he said.
The Bush White House has apparently been using those external e-mail sources for official business.
Congressional investigators say they found communications on one account from top White House aides about official matters, like the December firings of eight U.S. attorneys.

Those e-mails were discovered on a Republican National Committee e-mail domain called gwb43.com. That domain is not part of the official White House communication system.

The Presidential Records Act, passed during the Nixon administration, requires the preservation of all official records of and about the president.
Devious little buggers, aren't they? Why leave records of their activities on government servers, when they can just safely lock them up at the good 'ole RNC? Beeg problem they didn't count on though. Chairman Henry Waxman is all over this.

And if you're wondering who might have ordered all of this "skirting" of official channels of communication...seems Karl Rove is quite concerned about Presidential records these days. Getting personally involved in how W's records will be all splayed out.