Friday, May 11, 2007

Tell us more, Mr. Civics

Conservative blowhard Mike Wallace filibusters at a committee for 3 hours.

The rookie MP from Burlington, Ontario is apparently doing his constituents proud. Trying (unsuccessfully) to prevent an investigation into his own government's blacking out of torture allegations in their Foreign Affairs documents. Nice. How did you, rookie MP, get snookered into taking on this vile task? Trying to impress the masters in the PMO, I take it? The life of a back bench MP is tough. Can't get your questions asked in the House. Got to get noticed, somehow.

Seems to me that's a long time Liberal seat you took over, Mr. Civics. I'll have to spread the word to anyone I might know in Burlington to keep your anti-democratic tactics in mind next time they're facing the ballot boxes out that way...:)

P.S. Also tucked in to this Globe report is this item:
The delay tactics at the committee yesterday follow the cancellation of the Commons official languages committee Wednesday where the topic of debate was to have been the Conservative government's cuts to a program that helped fund challenges to discrimination.
Delay tactics...cancelling meetings...those Conservatives sure are having a tough time keeping the Democratic in Democratic Reform Week, aren't they?