Monday, June 11, 2007

Afghan mission still a problem for Mini Bush

Mini Bush getting news today on support for the Afghan mission that goes against his expressed preferences:"Big majority wants Afghan mission to end in 2009: poll."
Prime Minister Stephen Harper has repeatedly hinted that Canadian troops may have to stay on in the troubled country to finish the job there.
And Harper made that emphatic during his recent photo tour, commenting on the job not being done and the need to not set arbitrary deadlines. So this is a bit of a problem, hey?

Yet his Canadian ambassador is being ambiguous today, perhaps setting the stage for a Harper flip-flop:
Canada's current commitment to the NATO mission in Afghanistan is scheduled to end in February 2009. Lalani said whether Canada will pull out is going to depend on politics and progress.
Seems to me that's the Liberal position that the Harper ambassador appears to be floating.

By the way, the inexcusable treatment of detainees, contrary to the torture prohibitions we recently affirmed in our showy agreement with the Afghan government, is apparently continuing. Now we must await an Afghan investigation into it. Don't be holding your breath, there, Mr. Ambassador. What do you think the Afghans will come up with as a result?