Monday, June 11, 2007

Catching my eye today

The Sopranos ended last night...I didn't mind the ending, thought it was fitting. It resolved enough but left you wanting more. Fine by me. A clever moment...AJ and his girlfriend watching TV and it's the recent footage of Rove doing his "MC Rove" dance followed by Bush's dancing with African drummers at the White House...Karl Rove makes the Sopranos finale. How fitting as well. Trying to send us a message about Rove's place in this era? Is he akin to a Soprano mobster whose era is ending? Or just an absurd figure dancing while the world burns. And it's hard not to wonder about Chase's message with the terrorism theme of the past season. Was Agent Harris' tip off to Tony of Phil's location meant to suggest that the FBI/government had descended to the same depths as the mob? Just wondering...

Isn't anyone going to step up and foil Rupert Murdoch's takeover of the Wall Street Journal? Anyone? NBC and Microsoft are out. Come on, all you billionaires out there! Don't let the Faux in the hen house...the WSJ is a great paper, setting aside the yahoos in the editorial room of course, and if Murdoch gets his hands on it, that's all she wrote...the death of a great newspaper is imminent.

Excuse me for just realizing...but we're entering a 4 month long provincial election campaign here in Ontario:
Just a day under four months from now, voters go to the polls for the first fixed-date election in Ontario's history.

With the Oct. 10 date set long ago, there'll be none of the usual surprises waiting for the government to pull the plug and start the campaign.
4 MONTHS! A product of the fixed election date legislation. A federal version of this is on its way too. I don't think I like the feel of this so far and I'm a blogger that thrives on political content creation...the Canadian way is to have shorter, sprint like elections. And the intensity is already pretty high. Could take a lot to get me excited about this one in the short term. Preliminary observation though...John Tory is not Mike Harris.

Albanians, wtf? I mean, I get that you're grateful to the U.S., but it was Clinton who paved the way for Kosovo's independence via the NATO action the U.S. led in the 1990's, not Bush. Bush was hesitant on the issue...get to know him, you might feel differently and like the rest of us...:)