Monday, June 25, 2007

The Cheney presidency

What to say, at this late date, about Dick Cheney and the challenge he represents to the democratic operation of the U.S.'s frightening. If you're following the Washington Post series on Cheney, as many bloggers are, what's remarkable is the insight presented courtesy of former (and possibly current) insiders who are dishing on Cheney's many power grabs and steering of the ship of state. As noted in today's article, Cheney is so skilled an operator behind the scenes that he rarely loses a battle. He and his chief legal counsel, David Addington, wield tremendous power and have been instrumental in navigating the legal and political battles to enable cruel interrogation techniques to be employed by the CIA and in sustaining the Gitmo blight on the American reputation in the world. There is a litany of powerful Bush advisers who have failed to dent the Veep's leviathan presence and influence in the White House. It is truly a remarkable bit of reporting we are reading.

And timely given Cheney's ludicrous refusals of late to submit to any kind of accountability, no matter that the law provides for it. Democrats are going to cut his funding? Good luck with that. Unless they're prepared to go to the brink...and I would strongly encourage them to do so, I'm betting a continued string of victories for Cheney. The American system of democratic government with checks and balances has failed thus far.

If this is not a co-presidency, then I'd certainly like to see one.