Monday, June 18, 2007

Could these guys be any more comic

Yee haaa! The Conservative wonder boys have got themselves a race car!

Maybe the good ole boys staking out the GOP primary might be interested in this Conservative gimmick, sponsorship of a race car, not so sure about Canadians' reaction. The roll out of this thing must have been quite comic to watch, given the Conservative attendees - none of whom you can really picture going to the racetrack on their own time, despite their protestations of being the party of the "ordinary" Canadians:
The federal Conservatives, who are awash in cash after several years of successful fundraising, are sponsoring a car on the Canadian NASCAR circuit.

Following the lead of Tim Hortons, Home Hardware and Milwaukee Electric Tool, the white No. 29 car in the Canadian Tire auto-racing series now sports a big blue "C" on its hood and side panels.

Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, Canadian Heritage Minister Bev Oda, Government House Leader Peter Van Loan and Immigration Minister Diane Finley were joined by nearly a dozen Conservative MPs at a racetrack east of Toronto yesterday to watch their party's car do the laps.
Just a few fun lovin' Conservative guys and gals out at the racetrack on a Saturday. I bet Van Loan's never been near one in his life. How wonderful of some of the stranger Conservatives to try to make an effort to fit in with the ordinary Canadians. You see, NASCAR people are "our kind of people" says Finley in the report. Well unfortunately, Impolitical does not fit into this race car loving exclusionary group...:) What does this mean? That I'm not an ordinary Canadian and am to be mocked and put down instead? Am I extraordinary maybe? I think I'm truly offended by this reverse elitism thing they've got going on....:)

By the's a's that there thing on the environment, brainiacs? And is it a coincidence John Baird wasn't there?

Can't wait to see the reaction to this thing. Wonder if it'll surpass the reaction to Mini Bush's taped message at a recent Senators game that was roundly booed...:)