Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Ex-Democratic governor to be sentenced today, Rove subplot

The LA Times is now giving airtime to the allegations in Alabama that a former Democratic governor was the subject of a takedown orchestrated by Rove, a Rove protege and U.S. attorneys in that state. The Times report certainly makes the case for expansion of the U.S. attorney investigation to include these allegations.

What a chilling example for anyone thinking of challenging the Republican political and judicial machine...and more to be added to a long list of allegations against Rove to be investigated by Democrats.

The expanding U.S. attorney scandal in the U.S. and its many tentacles is also a useful, ongoing reminder of how wrongheaded an idea it is for the Conservatives in our country to inject partisanship into the appointment process for judges. We clearly don't need more of this in our judicial system.