Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A few things catching my eye today

YouTube has lost it. They took the categories off the front page! What the heck are they thinking? Talk about a recipe for turning viewers off...they've certainly found a sure fire way to do so. Now you can no longer browse, say, "Most Discussed - News & Politics." Or, "Most Viewed - Music." Forget it. It now appears to be Google-ized with a generic search that means you can't use the "honour" system to see what's getting the most hits. They have truly lost their minds.

News that "Microsoft Will Alter Vista Operating System" in response to Google's complaint about it slowing down when other desktop search programs were used. A political angle here...the top antitrust DOJ guy is a former partner at the firm that represented Microsoft - in true Bush administration form - and he initially said "no" to Google's complaint. The states defied him and in the end, he backed down and now Microsoft's altering Vista. How's that for more evidence of a neutered, weakened Bush Justice Department? Maybe pain caused to corporate donors will be the impetus for Bush to give Gonzales the heave ho. Because it certainly isn't disdain for the rule of law that'll do it...

Maureen Dowd's column, "Carmela Got Gold Jewelry. Hillary Wants a White House." Playing up the clever Sopranos video spoof the Clintons did (see previous post from last night) and mocking the choice of Celine Dion's, "You and I" as the campaign song...well, we can all be a little too cynical sometimes. Because sometimes...a song is just a song. I like it.