Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Is someone upstairs trying to tell Gary Lunn something?

The Minister of Natural Resources supposed to deliver an attack against Danny Millions in a speech in Newfoundland yesterday...yet he couldn't fly in due to fog. How absolutely metaphorical.
Mr. Lunn was scheduled to deliver the hard-hitting speech at a conference that included the major oil companies and the local industries that service the offshore projects. But he was unable to land due to fog; his office released the text Tuesday night.
Maybe this little Lunn speech was supposed to take the edge off all that testimony in Ottawa today from the likes of MacDonald and Crosbie, hey? I'm sure Danny would have appreciated your advice, Gary, in undercutting his position with the oil companies and shown you a real good time...:)

And thank you for showing us where the federal Conservatives' loyalties lie. Maybe you guys should be siding with the elected government in Newfoundland and not the oil companies.