Wednesday, June 13, 2007

It's federalism for beginners

Bob Fife's always good for a little late night p.r. touch-up, hey? Another exclusive from his little pipeline to the PMO (or Junior MacKay): "Tories hint of possible deal in offshore feud." Alleged deal being with Nova Scotia alone. So I'm guessing it's Junior who's leaking. After all, who needs a little good press in Nova Scotia right now? Who needs to look like the hero right now? Amazing little bookend to a raucous budget vote day...miraculously for the nightly news, Bob has good news for us all on this front. Call me cynical, but I'll wait to see how this one pans out, thank you very much.

So, Bob faithfully reports last night:
"As we speak, the number crunchers are crunching those numbers," said Robert Fife, CTV's Ottawa bureau chief. "It looks like they probably will be able to get some kind of compromise here. If they do, it's a safe bet to say it will cost Canadian taxpayers more money."
Oh well then. What were we all so upset about? Bob's sayin' it's over folks. Nothing to worry about. Well, you know, it might just be me, but last I heard, there were three provinces in a fury over this here equalization problem. Seems to be a little short-sighted to be patching up but one province's issues. What's being done with the others, Bob? When you're writing down this stuff, do they let you ask questions?

And it sure as heck doesn't sound like budget "implementation" to me, as Flaherty was spinning yesterday. This sounds like re-negotiation of fundamental terms. And if that's the case, then they better be offering the same deal to the other provinces.

Someone's going to be mighty angry at this - and we all know who that elephant in the room is...:)

To say nothing of the makeshift, band-aid patching, Conservative on-the-fly federalism for beginners that we've witnessed from these amateurs. Isn't this just the kind of thing Mini Bush criticized Paul Martin for, so vehemently? Harder than it looks when you get called up to the majors, hey Conservative minor leaguers?

P.S. Nicely done BCer in Toronto on those Hansard quotes from Harper...could be an ad in the making...:)