Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Johnny come lately

If the separatist threat is at an all time low, or at a four decade low, as Mini Bush would like to think, that has more to do with the passage of the federal Clarity Act than anything else, including the gimmick laden "Quebecois nation" motion in the House of Commons. I mean, these guys blame the Liberals incessantly about how nothing was done on the environment for 13 years, lobbing off responsibility for that entire file onto the Liberals...yet apparently are willing to take the accolades for sovereignty support on the decline. Nice try. If you haven't had enough time to do anything about the environment, how could you possibly have solved national unity so quickly? It's unfathomable. The Clarity Act has set the ground rules, on the heels of the Secession Reference, and it's set the bar high in a completely reasonable fashion. It's a daunting presence in the national unity deck that will require unprecedented support to overcome.

Stephane Dion and his Clarity Act deserve the accolades for that. Not you.