Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Junior MacKay's got trouble

The local favourite son is not always an automatic shoo-in, don't care who you are: "MacKay seen as vulnerable by some voters in N.S. riding of Central Nova." If you forget the folks back home, and they think you've gone big time and forgotten about them, might not play so well in the long run. Now that Junior's supported the budget, he's on record in contrast to the stance Casey's taken that's been so well-received. What's the use of having a local kid if he's not going to stand up for the province?
"I voted for Peter MacKay, but I would have a hard time voting for him anymore," said Linda MacDonald of Westville as she sat in a local coffee shop.

"I have watched him on many issues turn about face.... That's a real issue with me right now."
[]...the news director for New Glasgow radio station CKEC, Carleton Munroe, said MacKay's latest troubles follow a string of bad news in his riding.

Ottawa's decision to cut funding for the Canada Summer Jobs program - a decision that was largely reversed amid loud protests - and the recent closure of the TrentonWorks railcar plant in nearby Trenton have hurt MacKay.

The plant closure resulted in the loss of more than 1,400 jobs, including more than 300 permanent positions.

As a result, Munroe said MacKay can no longer take the riding for granted.

"He will have to work at it more than any other election that he's had to up to this point," said Munroe.
Stephane Dion was out of his mind to not run a Liberal, hey?

That wayward son thing's got some legs...