Friday, June 15, 2007

Libby off to jail, Olbermann's coverage

Olbermann's show, with substitute host extraordinaire Alison Stewart, covers the Scooter Libby off-to-jail story...around 3 minutes in, watch for David Shuster to float the idea that Libby could save himself from prison if he were to dish on Cheney. Not exactly a bet anyone would be making at this point, but still, at least someone's reporting on the possibility. And as Shuster notes, Libby's wife cried today in the courtroom, understandably. He's got young children. Certainly has his motivating factors to "focus the mind" and try to recall certain conversations with the boss he claims to have forgotten. But on the other hand, there are all those conservative backers who are really watching over his shoulder now, funding his defence, lobbying for his pardon. They're all gone if he makes a deal with prosecutors.

Nice little mention by Shuster of the "Republican wingnuts" who have been making threats against the judge and who deserve to be exposed nationally for their intimidation tactics.