Sunday, June 17, 2007

Mini Bush's phantom issue

He's just wishin' and hopin' for a break: "Harper warns Liberal senators to pass budget."

A freebie for Mini Bush...jump on the bandwagon and issue your stern budget warning...then when they pass it, you look like you're the in charge guy and can sternly lecture everybody about how they did the right thing. If they don't pass it, you've egged them on to defy you. Machiavellian Mayberrys are at it again...yeah, rail against the Senate. Canadians are on the edge of their seats and primed for some big time outrage against the Senate. Love to see them try this one.

Caught the report on CTV of Harper fake-smiling through his gritted teeth issuing his supposedly friendly advice to pass the budget. Smiling is like forced punishment for this's like nails on a chalk board...