Monday, June 25, 2007

The newbies are about to get a dose of Danny Millions

And bet he's got an earful to give the new Maritime premiers as they meet in the next two days, along with governors from Northeastern U.S. states. Shawn Graham down there in N.B. sounds a little green. When told that the N.S. premier wants to speak to the premier newbies about the implications to the changes in the Atlantic Accords, for instance, Graham replied:
"I want to say categorically this is Nova Scotia's fight. It's not our fight. We're working on our self-sufficiency agenda, which is our top priority, and we're not going to lose sight of that focus."
A little short-sighted, Mr. Graham. Might there not be an issue or two you might be looking across your provincial border for some help on down the road, hmmm? Not to mention this little study you might want to take a gander at:
...[A] recent study by the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council in Halifax says that, together, the Atlantic provinces stand to lose a total of $4 billion in payments over the next 13 years under Ottawa's revised equalization formula.

The study says Nova Scotia will be out $1.4 billion by the 2019-2020 fiscal year, New Brunswick will lose $1 billion and P.E.I. will have $196 million less than if Ottawa left the equalization program alone.
Seems to me there might be strength in numbers, new guy. Ghiz, the new kid in P.E.I. is sounding a little unseasoned too.

Not to worry, I'm sure Danny will clue them in on the PM and the state of the federation...:)