Saturday, June 16, 2007

Oddball politicians in the news

There's a welcome article in the NY Times today on the fake, robotic Mitt Romney who appears to be genetically incapable of offering a glimpse inside his soul, of anything that would indicate that he's a real human being like the rest of us. Talk about a scripted, polished, good looking candidate who will say anything, including radically changing his positions on issues like abortion. If that's what you're up for, the pretty-boy airline pilot who's being handled like tomorrow's election day, the Mittster's your guy...nice to see that his rise in the polls is increasing the level of scrutiny of this guy.

Speaking of oddball politicians who can't connect...of course, there's Mini Bush. Whose leadership has inspired an article like this one in the Globe today full of wonder about how he's actually survived in this minority government for so long. Reminding us how the Conservatives have run out of initiatives and have proven themselves fundamentally incapable of running that "good government" that Mini Bush stated once on CTV's Question Period as his priority...a clip that is most helpfully run time and again promotionally on CTV to remind us all of Harper's shortcomings in that regard. Also of note in the article, an "insider" touting the need for another cabinet shuffle, underscoring the thin government bench on display. And for good measure, the report also includes another aspect of the Conservatives' problems, the media clampdown run out of the PMO that's backfired:
One backbencher said the biggest frustration for MPs is the fact that they can't tell their own story to their own voters because of discouragement from the Prime Minister's Office about talking to the news media.

“They're going to write about politics and I want to be in the story,” the source said. “I want to get a message across. I think more and more guys are saying: ‘Look, we've got to talk to them.'”
You, my friend, are this week's winner of the Sandra Buckler-I'd-take-this-guy-down-hard-if-I-knew-who-he-was sweepstakes. All in all, this is a handy bookending of the Harper government, circa 2007.