Saturday, June 16, 2007

Of mice and men - exactly

This CP article, "Of mice and men; best-laid plans go awry as MPs head into summer break," analyzing the Conservatives' disastrous spring session prompted me to look at an exchange referenced in it....Ken Dryden taking on Harper in the Commons this week over his excessive partisanship. Here it is, needs no set up from me:
Hon. Ken Dryden (York Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, we saw it again last week: the science of climate change and the great majority of the G-8 saying one thing, the Prime Minister another, his pride always getting it done; his problem, Canada's problem, always the wrong “it”.

On the environment, Africa, our role in the world, our relations with the provinces, his strategy is to set the bar low, really really low, and then hit it decisively and call that success, but success for whom? For him politically? Maybe, but for Canadians, for the world, no.

When will the Prime Minister understand that?

Right Hon. Stephen Harper (Prime Minister, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, I think all Canadians should be very proud of the unanimous G-8 statement that committed the world to move toward obligatory reduction targets for all major emitting countries. Specifically Canada, the European Union and Japan believe that it should be half by 2050.

The previous government under the Liberals let the world down and now the world has left them behind.

Hon. Ken Dryden (York Centre, Lib.):
Mr. Speaker, getting it done wrong, decisively wrong; set the bar low and you get low.

How will history write about the 16 months of the Conservative government? About just how little was attempted, about just how little was done. For the government it has all been a campaign, a lot of politics and manoeuvring, signifying almost nothing.

With an election no longer imminent, the Conservatives have no direction and no idea what to do. When will they learn? A prime minister, a real leader, campaigns to govern, he does not govern to campaign.

Hon. John Baird (Minister of the Environment, CPC):
Mr. Speaker, let us not look at what the Prime Minister said. Let us look at what UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said at last week's G-8 meeting. He said that he welcomes that G-8 leaders have agreed on a strong and early action to combat climate change. He said that he is greatly encouraged by their commitment . He also said that the acceptance by the leaders is to be commended.

The member opposite used to go around Canada asking, “What stopped us? Why didn't we do better?” Maybe he could answer those questions.
They really undo themselves, don't they? As for any wishful thinking that they can dial back the partisanship in the fall...what are the Conservatives going to do, undergo boot camp psychotherapy this summer?