Tuesday, June 19, 2007

On Michael Bloomberg

And his announcement today that's he's renouncing his GOP status, widely interpreted as an initial step in an independent candidacy for the White House in 2008...I"m more inclined to believe the case against his candidacy, most helpfully set out by Chris Cillizza. A billionaire buying himself the Presidency is not on. And Mikey may be an effective mayor, and of a big city, but stepping on to the wider American stage could be a problem. Ultimately, the two party system in the U.S. is so entrenched that he'll be performing a Nader-like service to Americans and acting as a spoiler. Unclear to me for which candidate as of yet. It'll depend on who the nominees are. If it's Hillary and Giuliani, from whom would he take votes? Hillary's outclassing the current Democratic field, I wouldn't be surprised to see her have the same effect on opposing candidates from other parties once they're all lined up.