Wednesday, June 20, 2007

PMO obsession with Dion continues

Thanks for your concern, anonymous PMO guy...about Dion having Martha Hall Findlay and Rae get in line to come on board the Liberal team...but having strong people around you, contrary to the Stephen Harper school of leadership, is not a sign of weakness. It might just be me, but you'd think a leader would want the best calibre of individuals around to give candid, rigorous advice in the caucus. Maybe if the current Conservative regime had such a strong front bench, it might be in better shape. The Conservative wonder boys have certainly failed to impress the population throughout the spring session. So when I read things like this:
But a senior PMO source said Liberal Leader Stephane Dion might want to keep an eye over his shoulder.

"If I were Dion, I would be a bit concerned with so many leadership people overly keen to get to Ottawa to 'help me."'
I think to myself, really, don't they have better things to do in the PMO? Maybe they're a bit sensitive, since you don't hear any high profile names lining up to join the Conservative team. In fact, they're declining to run for the Harper team.

Methinks the anonymous PMO staffers doth protest way, way too much...