Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Profiles in courage

Maureen Dowd plays up the Cheney focus in the news in her column today, "W Learns from Students":
A group of high school Presidential Scholars visiting the White House on Monday surprised President Bush by slipping him a handwritten letter pleading with him to not let America become known for torture and urging him to stick to the Geneva Conventions with terror detainees.

The president reassured the teenagers that the United States does not torture. Then the vice president unleashed a pack of large dogs on the kids, running them off the White House lawn, before he shut down the Presidential Scholars program and abolished high schools.
Lol...:) Really though, the kids should have handed the letter to the real guy in charge, the Veep. The latest evidence of Cheney's control can be found in today's instalment of the Washington Post series on Cheney where his control of the Environmental Protection Agency's operations are on full display. The big scoop found in it today...Christie Todd Whitman declares to the world that she left as EPA Commissioner due to Cheney's interference and control over policy to such an extent that she could not conscience the direction he was taking. Not for her previously cited family reasons. Surprise, surprise. She finally quit when faced with having to sign a rule that she just could not stomach.

In the same vein, see also, Republican Senators Richard Lugar and George Voinovich breaking with Bush on Iraq yesterday. Now that the administration's in the low 30's and sinking in approval, guess it's safe for such courageous souls to come forward and speak the truth. Profiles in courage, all...