Friday, June 22, 2007

Roll up your sleeves and get to work, Conservatives

You're the government. Get to work and go about implementing the laws that our Parliament passes. Including the Kyoto legislation that is about to be passed by your favourite chamber, the Senate. The majority will of the Parliament is to pass this legislation. So it's your job, as the government, to enable it.

And if you don't, if you futz around with it and play games with it, it'll be clear for all to see. Kyoto. Learn to love it. Spend some quality time reading about it this hot, hot, humid, smoggy summer.

And please spare us the predictable partisan politicking like raising the spectre of massive tax increases and the lack of a plan being in place, like Van Loan has started to do already. Get creative with planning on how to meet the Kyoto targets. We know you want to do it.

So roll up your sleeves, Van Loan, Baird et al., seems you're going to have some work to do for us.